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 ZYTO Select Bio Communication

 ZYTO scan uses a FDA approved hand cradle that provides biocommunication to help you transform your health and wellness. These Nutritional Consultations are tailored for your personal growth from a holistic perspective, diving deep into your own body's responses and feedback. The ZYTO scan is an in depth, easy and non-invasive way to test all the organs, glands, and systems of the body along with vertebrae & teeth. It goes even deeper to scan the meridians, the chakras, the 5 elements, and emotions. The scan also provides a Food Scan, Digestion Survey, & Essential Oil Scan.

 By getting a ZYTO bio survey, you can find which Virtual Items are associated with products that your body is most coherent with, thus reducing the guesswork and subjectivity that comes with choosing supplements and other personal wellness products and services. This scan is also available for children as it's non invasive and easy for them to use.

60 Minute Session $90

90 Minute Session $120

Follow Up or Specific Short Scan 30 Minute $60

 Certified ZYTO Biosurvey Specialist


 The ZYTO Hand Cradle

  The hand cradle I am holding is as simple as it looks. You just lay your hand on it, similar to a computer mouse, and the software scans the body through galvanic skin responses. It is like an energetic scan of what your body responds too as a stressor or a balancer.

The ZYTO Hand Cradle measures the user’s galvanic skin response and saves that data, which is later used in various ways by the different ZYTO Software offerings.

The ZYTO select bio communication scan is truly amazing. It picks up bacteria, mold, parasites, pesticides, heavy metals and the list goes on! It offers supplements that will then balance the body by supplying nutrients, detoxing, etc... and also offering the services (like chiropractic, massage, yoga, etc...) that your body is most coherent with. 


 Nutrition Consultation

 Your Nutrition Consultation involves receiving personalized, one-on-one dietary and nutritional guidance. It can help you manage and prevent chronic disease, improve your sleep and energy, weight, digestion, inflammation and more. Nutrition is a vital part of creating a healthy well supported body, mind, and spirit. 


 CNC Certified Nutritional Consultant

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